Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Decorah Eagles

Earlier today, Matthew posted a blog about the Decorah Eagles.  As part of learning to observe record effectively, he will be following the nest, and noting when the eggs are laid, when they are hatched, when the eaglets begin to flap-jump, and finally when they leave the nest for good.

Lucky for us, the first egg -- which had a pip yesterday -- hatched just a little after 2:00 today!  A cute little fuzz-ball with a huge head and feet now resides in the nest, next to two as-yet unhatched eggs, one of which appears to have a pip as well.  He watched the nest on and off all afternoon...it's awesome to see him so excited over learning again!

We are finishing our unit study on Florida this week, so I have started researching our next unit study.  I am considering a unit on environmental issues and responsibilities as part of Earth Day in April.  I located a great unit lesson that allows the kids to follow the "life" of a soccer ball or a cell phone.  We can incorporate planting a butterfly garden and volunteering for Earth Day as part of the lesson, along with the History Channel's series "How the Earth Was Made" which has 13 videos in the first season alone that describes the formation of the earth, along with how various mountains, seas and continents were formed.

Today was our art lesson "Create a Collage Like Dali."  I don't know who had more fun trying to create the surrealist vision, me or Matthew!


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