Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jewelry-Making is Better Than Yoga

I have been busy through the holidays and after worrying about my son's schooling, and the fact that he's been less than successful in fourth grade gen ed.  More about that tomorrow, as I prepare for his IEP meeting, which will include a change of placement.

I like to use creativity to release stress.  In the past, I have tried Japanese painting, scrapbooking (creating some amazing pages that took sometimes 2-3 hours to finish), and, of course, writing.  Though I am not done with writing (just on extended hiatus), I was unable to perfect painting, and became bored with scrapbooking after several years of dedicated page-making.

Recently, though, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at jewelry-making.  I bought some basic supplies -- beading wire, cute beads, tools and clasps, and created these basic pieces for my nieces for Christmas.

Since then, I have learned a few more techniques and refined my creations a bit.  I can now create necklaces with more than one strand, bracelets with stretch cord, and I am in the process of making a beaded watch band for my step-daughter.  Here are a couple of bracelets and a necklace that I made for my mom.

She and I went shopping and she picked out the beads and wire with my assistance.  The local store had some awesome bead selections on clearance, like the lovely purple-black clear bead with a white "shadow" inside that she chose for her necklace.  Such an unusual, unique bead, and at an amazing price. I love sales!

Of course, jewelry-making wouldn't be complete without one or two for me, like this bracelet... well as a few to sell, to hopefully support my new, hobby.

A little tip if you're looking for a great bead storage case and don't want to spend a fortune: head to the fishing department at Walmart or Target, and purchase a plastic fishing case with removable inserts.  I found several in clear plastic with dark blue inserts and chose a large one for $5.99 (there were smaller ones as well); a similar "bead case" at JoAnn's with the same functionality was at least twice that price.  With the one I purchased, you can adjust the inserts how you wish to accommodate larger or smaller quantities or sizes of beads.

Now if only educating a smart 9 y/o boy with Asperger's was so easy.

Tomorrow on Social Stories: the dreaded IEP meeting and change of placement -- what it all means.


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