Sunday, November 20, 2011

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Living with a child with autism is not easy.  My son Matthew is nine years old and diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder -- essentially "atypical" Asperger's Syndrome.  He doesn't think like other kids, and doesn't always understand social norms even though he craves friendship, companionship and social interaction.  He learns to interact with others in the same way that typical children learn math or science: through learning instead of instinct.

Those are his challenges.  But he has other qualities that make him special and amazing.  He has an extremely high IQ, which allowed him to talk in full sentences by the time he was eighteen months old; to read simple books by the time he was three; to assemble a 1200+ piece Lego set alone when he was five; and to excel at math, science and engineering.  He is curious about the world, loving with his family, and a true and staunchly loyal friend.

This blog is not about autism exactly.  It's about autism and life, and the things that we learn as we make the journey together.  Some of the posts will be about Matthew, his autism, schooling and other things we are learning along the way; other posts will be about whatever strikes my fancy, like cooking, writing or my latest passion, jewelry-making.  I'll also provide resources that I think are useful.

I hope you look around and enjoy what you see.


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